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Kronos Boss


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(Skip to 27:42 for boss fight!)

Kronos, King of the Titans and God of Time was the final boss in Forrestbono’s 100 days in ancient Greece. This master of illusion had a really unique boss fight utilizing shadow clones, time traveling, and bombs to aid in the fight. This is a very unique fight and a great installment to the series of gods! This boss comes with a ticking time bomb item during the fight.

As a side note this guy looks really great with Crow’s Moon Tools pack! 

The Kronos Boss Comes With…

1 Core Kronos Model
1 Bomb Spell Effect
11 Animations on Kronos
(Currently) 9 Unique Skills with an idle sitting starting pose
– 3 Seperate Melee Attack Variations
– Whirlwind
– Stab through Time
– Teleport Stab
– Waves of Time
– Slow
– Time Bomb
– Shadow Clone Attacks