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Lavalord Boss [ + Bonus Minion, Arena Schematic & more ]

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Standing at a whopping 14 blocks tall and nearly 19 blocks wide, this lava behemoth is a gorgeous model originally made by ArtsByKev which was featured in Painful’s 100 day series.

Skilled by Ashijin, this boss is a true quality fight providing a balance between aesthetics and mechanics. Currently balanced around a 1 player damage dealing fight, it would easily take hits from a large group and deal plenty of AOE with its volcanic abilities.

If you don’t have a great location for this fight we have provided a custom schematic file for him too! Just a simple arena, volcanic themed. It has plenty of detail to be used directly on a server. Feel free to tweak to your needs!

The Lava Lord Comes With…

1 Core Lava Lord Model

1 Volcanic Elemental Minion Model

1 Boss Arena Schematic

2 Custom Models to Aid Fight Aesthetics (Volcano and Boulder)

13 Animations on the Lava Lord

(Currently) 9 Unique Skills

– Lava Lord Charge

– Lava Lord Swandive

– Lava Lord Spin

– Lava Lord Boulder Throw

– Lava Lord Lava Wave

– Lava Wave Melee Attacks

– Lava Lord Rampage

– Lava Lord Volcanoes

– Lava Lord Elemental Summons

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