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Mounts pack animal series vol.3


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Included in the Mounts pack animal series vol.3:

    • 20 mounts
    • Demiwolf (blue, brown, gold and sand variants)
    • Mountain goat (gold, purple, white and blue variants)
    • Moa bird (red, gold, blue and purple variants)
    • Saberfang (blue, gold, purple and white variants)
    • Teddy (blue, brown, gold and purple variants)
    • Mount icons
    • Mount whistle to command pets
    • Custom sound effects
    • MCpets and mythicmobs configs
    • All mounts have unique petting animation and sprint skill


    • Mythic Mobs
    • Libs Disguises
    • ProtocoLib
    • Modelengine
    • MCPets

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs