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RPG Equipment Series [Class Set Bundle]


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RPG Equipment Series | Class Set 1 (Link to product page)

RPG Equipment Series | Class Set 2 (Link to product page)

RPG Equipment Series | Class Set 3 (Link to product page)


Add 12 armor sets and 12 weapons to your game!

This bundle contains fully customizable RPG class armor and weapons with MythicMobs(Items)/MMOItems/ItemsAdder/Oraxen configuration

These classes are originated from RPG Class Series – Mega Bundle and Hyper Bundle


Check out the links to the product pages above for more details!


Includes proper ItemsAdder (Supports version 3.3+) and Oraxen config with items packs config. Simply drag & drop to merge resourcepacks!


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  • Weapons + Armor
  • Armor Only


Dependencies: None

Tested on version 1.18.2, Resource pack included

Tested on version 1.19.2, Resource pack included