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RPG Equipment Series | Class Set 2

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Add 4 armor sets and 4 weapons to your game!

Along with the RPG Class Series comes the equipment set that fits each class

This pack contains fully customizable RPG class armor and weapons with MythicMobs(Items)/MMOItems/ItemsAdder/Oraxen configuration

Each class equipment also contains unique attributes which you can easily customize and adjust!


This pack contains:

  • Shaman Scepter (Weapon)

  • Shaman Helmet (Armor + Icon)

  • Shaman Chestplate (Armor + Icon)

  • Shaman Leggings (Armor + Icon)

  • Shaman Boots (Armor + Icon)

  • Necromancer Staff (Weapon)

  • Necromancer Helmet (Armor + Icon)

  • Necromancer Chestplate (Armor + Icon)

  • Necromancer Leggings (Armor + Icon)

  • Necromancer Boots (Armor + Icon)

  • Martial Artist Gauntlet (Weapon)

  • Martial Artist Helmet (Armor + Icon)

  • Martial Artist Chestplate (Armor + Icon)

  • Martial Artist Leggings (Armor + Icon)

  • Martial Artist Boots (Armor + Icon)

  • Dragon Warrior Spear (Weapon)

  • Dragon Warrior Helmet (Armor + Icon)

  • Dragon Warrior Chestplate (Armor + Icon)

  • Dragon Warrior Leggings (Armor + Icon)

  • Dragon Warrior Boots (Armor + Icon)

  • MythicMobs(Items) config: Customizable Attributes Included!

  • MMOItems config: Customizable Attributes Included!

  • Emissive textures for Optifine

  • Instruction on how to get the equipment in-game

  • Resource pack included

  • Breaking armor fix for shaders

  • ItemsAdder config – Easy Drag & Drop! (Supports version 3.3+)

  • Oraxen config – Easy Drag & Drop!



  • Weapons + Armor

  • Armor Only


Dependencies: None

Tested on version 1.18.2, Resource pack included

Tested on version 1.19.2, Resource pack included

Tested on version 1.20.1, Resource pack included

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