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The Algarok – Boss Pack

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The Algarok – Boss pack

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This pack includes :

✅ The Algarok model, as well as the enraged version

✅ The plasma orbs summoned by the Algarok

✅ 7 skills for the Algarok (a simple bite, a body slam, a tail slam summoning orbs, a random charge, an enraged mode, a roar summoning orbs, a throw of orbs from the tail)

✅ 2 skills to manage the orbs movements

This pack requires ModelEngineMythicMobs as well as spigot 1.16+.

Tested with ModelEngine 2.1.7, MythicMobs 5.0.0, spigot 1.17.

Any issue/question considering this pack can be addressed to me through the discord of MCModels using the ticket system.