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Skeleton Pack - Boss & Mobs

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This pack includes :

🔶 Heidard, the Necromancer :

11 animations

2 animated textures for the flames

8 different attack types with variations (2 close attacks, 3 different projectiles, 2 summonings, 2 AOE, and a rush)

🔶 Skeleton Axe Brute :

7 animations

4 different attacks (a fast handle hit, an axe attack, a spin move, a slow smash)

🔶 Skeleton Sword Brute :

6 animations

3 different attacks (a hand attack, a 90° sword move, and a circular move)

🔶 Skeleton Warrior :

5 animations

2 different moves (a shield block, a sword attack)

🔶 Skeleton Archer :

4 animations (one, in particular, handling the bow charge movement + shoot)

A custom behavior depending on the player’s position (flee when nearby, come closer when too far)

 🔶 Flying skull :

3 animations

A skill to rush the player and bite him

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