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The Overlord [Tales from Hart] – Boss, Mob, and Weapon pack


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Introductory sale for 1 week until 12 February 2022

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The Overlord and his minions are a nether themed bundle of mobs set modeled by Ycar. These gorgeous monsters will be an awesome addition to your survival or RPG world.

Base MMOItems configs included to work with the sword out of the box!

This pack includes…
✓ Overlord Boss Skilled
✓ 3 Phases (Unlit, Combat, Charged)
✓ 3 Seperate VFX Models
✓ Emissive Texture Mapping
✓ Multiple handcraft animation and skill combos
✓ Overlords Sword

✓ Magma Imp Mob
✓ Once spawned, will run away after several minutes leaving some gold behind. But will drop more when killed!
✓ Throws bombs from his pack at nearby players.
✓ Does his best to avoid players with custom AI conditions.

✓ Warmm Mob
✓ Slow moving worm that phases into turret mode at range.
✓ Drops some gold on death. Very annoying to get near. Be careful…

✓ Twinkler Mob
✓ Nether Wolf with a nasty bite.
✓ Short distance projectile spit.
✓ Bones and EXP on drop.