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Voyage Of The Road | Minecraft Carriages


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Farm, horse, noble, and royal carriages made with mythic mobs and a model engine for Minecraft are the perfect way to add some variety and excitement to your server’s world. These high-quality Minecraft Models are expertly crafted to capture the unique designs and features of these iconic vehicles. The mythic mobs and model engine add an extra level of realism and interactivity, allowing players to control the carriages and use them to travel across the server. In addition to their visual appeal, these carriages are also a great way to encourage exploration and engagement on your server. Players can use them to transport goods and explore new areas, adding a new dimension to their Minecraft experience. Whether you’re looking to add some historical charm to your server or searching for the perfect gift for a Minecraft enthusiast, these carriages are a must-have. Shop our selection now and add some excitement to your server’s world.

This pack includes:
Farm cart model (either 5 slots and 1 animal slot, or 5 animal slots and 1 driver)
Horse wagon model (either 7 slots and 1 animal slot, or 7 animal slots and 1 driver)
Noble carriage model (5 slots including driver)
Royal carriage model (5 slots including driver)
Lady hat cosmetic
Cylinder hat cosmetic
Cowboy hat cosmetic
Straw hat cosmetic
Ticket and dismount controller
4 ticket tiers for carriages
4 Carriage miniatures for itemframe
MythicMobs configs
Custom sound effects

Special behaviors and abilities:
-the faster you go the sooner the horse gets hungry
-the horse stops and takes damage until you feed him
– use whip to change speed
-use ticket controller to let your friends ride for free or pay
-swap ticket controller to dismount everyone
-ram damage area in front of the horse
-pick up poop to obtain bonemeal

Ticket system:
– the driver can decide if the passengers need a ticket
-the driver gets paid for each used ticket
– the ticket system can be turned off via ticket controller

-Mythic Mobs
– ProtocolLib
– Modelengine
– Crucible