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Way of War Sieges

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Siege weapons

This pack includes:
Battering Ram
Siege Shield
Siege Ladder
Siege Tower
Oil Cast
Blueprints to summon/craft siege weapons
All corresponding projectile models
All siege weapon miniatures for itemframe
MythicMobs configs
Custom sound effects

Special behaviors and abilities:
-the more people around the siege weapon, the faster it goes
-most siege weapons can get stuck, unstuck them with stick
-trebuchet is the only immovable siege weapon
-catapult, trebuchet and ballista can be loaded with fire projectiles
-catapult and trebuchet have extra cow corpse projectile that poisons area
-tower can be pushed and then deployed by using a stick, its immovable after deployment
-the height of the tower climb can be configurated
-the more people are around battering ram the bigger chance is to destroy blocks
-siege ladder is carried by a player and can be deployed on spot by using shift and stick
-siege shield can be either pushed for mobile protection against arrows or deployed by using stick
-oil cast is very slow and its best deployed on walls or above gates, it doesn’t get stuck
-hwacha doesn’t destroy blocks, it’s used against infantry

Highly recommended plugin for this pack:
Creeper heal
Crucible if you want to use blueprints instead of mcpets

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