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Zvarikia, the mighty alchemist

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Alchemist boss pack

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This pack includes :

✅ Homonculus : flying mobs that will chase the player down

✅ Deadly clouds : little particle of clouds that shoot a powerful spell to the player

✅ The alchemist Zvarikia with : 4 different potion splashes effect skills, a repulsion skill, a summoning skill of homonculus and deadly clouds

✅ The Snake chimera : a gap-closer attack, an AOE tail rotation move, poisonous clouds chasing the player, a progressive poisonous smog, and a summoning skill

✅ MM Config for all these skills & mobs

This pack requires the MythicMobs 4.9+, ModelEngine, as well as spigot 1.14+.

Any issue/question considering this pack can be addressed to me through the discord of MCModels using the ticket system.