MCModels 2.0 Live!

Welcome everyone to the launch of the new site! Many of you saw our tweet on twitter so you may know what to expect already, but this post is going to serve as a summary for what happened, what's changed, and what's to come! Thanks everyone for sticking with us over the years now as we evolve and upgrade for the community. If you haven't logged in already, all old accounts will work from pre-migration, though you may need to just do a quick password reset to your email in case you forgot your password or it may have been shifted in the migration!

The TLDR; we're excited to have you all back and can't wait for what the future brings!

Twitter Post

The Long Details...

  • The Cart is Back! Due to issues with the old site and payment gateway, a cart meant sending a purchase instantly to every vendor involved in your purchase. With this new system that is no longer an issue and you may freely purchase multiple products at the same time, without fear of getting frauded!

  • PayPal. Credit/Debit Card. Regional pricing options. At long last, PayPal is a supported option when buying products from MCModels. Stripe is also no longer a requirement to be a vendor. We will open up more pricing options as requested, as long as the fees are reasonable to the vendors!

  • Dark Mode. Light Mode. No more blinding white when you are shopping for your server late at night. By default we will match your systems preference, but you can always change this in the top right under your profile!

  • Powerful and Instant Search Functionality. Gone are the days of having to wait 25+ seconds when paginating or performing a search. The website now handles searches and filtering in real time without page reloads, and is super fast when searching our catalogue of thousands of products!

  • Responsive UI on a Blazing fast website. We took care to make sure we invested our assets into the right solution. Xenforo, Wordpress, and other slow and outdated methods are out of the picture. We've upgraded to a powerful and free to expand fullstack framework where anything is possible. What you see now is only the beginning.

  • Discord OAuth and Full Integration. Verification and Support tickets will not be able to be handled straight from the website orders with the click of a button. The old process was manual, clunky and not easy for new users! We're excited to be able to provide more reliable support, faster.

  • On-Site Guide and News. It made no sense for us to redirect users all across the internet to answer questions that should be accessible and accurate from within our website. You will now be able to find guides on popular topics, and more frequently updated news posts for the community.

  • Did I mention it's really fast? And so much more... the amount of new features and improvements coming to the site in the coming months is going to be insane!

Check out the upcoming product roadmap and vote for your favorite features to help influence development!

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