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Christmas Boss Pack

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Santa was deemed naughty and stolen by Krampus. Can you defeat Krampus and
save Christmas?


  • Krampus Klaus Boss with skill models (modelengine):
    11 animations
    Bags up players, so others need to destroy the bag to set their friends free
    Stomps and impales single target
    Summons Imps in adjustable numbers
    Spins with his bag (AoE)
    Charges and rams players
    Kicks targets in front of him, knocking them back and stunning
    He does not actually die, but transforms into his mighty enraged version
    Includes emissive texture for the bag
    Includes custom sounds
    Krampus Klaus Enraged Boss with skill models (modelengine):
    13 animations
    Impales all entities within range with hellish spike
    Swipes twice at targets in front of him with infernal sword
    Impales player with sword, rises him into the air and throws
    Pulls target towards him, kicking and knocking back all targets in front of him
    Roars tauntingly, gaining an impenterable shield for several seconds
    Whips the target with his chain
    Summons Imps to his help
    Includes emissive textures and sounds
    Drops bag upon his death that releases trapped Santa with his magical sleigh
    Imp mobs (modelengine):
    Small devils enjoying poking players with tridents
    Hard to hit, they dodge attacks
    Slowing down players
    Setting players on fire
    Santa’s sleigh with Rudolph model (modelengine, rewards players after killing

    2 animations
    Flies around in circles, dropping presents below
    Has custom sounds and Emissive texture
    Santa’s sleigh mount for 2 people (modelengine, summon with right click)
    A mount for two, has custom sound, obtainable from presents
    4 varieties of presents (who opens it first, gets item straight to inventory to
    prevent theft):

    Santa drops them, loot is fully customizable, default loot are toys below and sleigh
    Interactable Toys (obtainable from presents):
    Airplane (interactable toy)
    Car (interactable toy)
    Train (interactable toy)
    1.Can be looted from presents, left click with the toy to place down, hit it twice to
    pick up
    shift+right click to turn and right click to push (crucible needed for spawning)
    2. can also be used as decorations for item frames
    Decorative Toys
    A letter Cube
    Krampus Bag
    Krampus Klaus Mini
    Krampus Klaus Enraged Mini
    Krampus sword
    Sleigh mini
    Soldier trooper
    Teddy Bear
    1.All toys above are usable for item frames as decorations, Sword can alternatively
    be bound as a weapon
    Interactable Christmas sky lantern (left click to release, crucible needed for
    usable for item frames as well, emits false light with optifine, has emissive texture
    Christmas stocking model
    usable for item frames

1. 2 stage bossfight
2. 2 person mount
3. Clever AI+Advanced mechanics
4. Interactable toys and items
5. All toys usable for item frames

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