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Water Elemental Boss Pack

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This pack includes:
Undine model
Naga Spellsinger model
Naga Myrmidon model
Sea Serpent model
Serpent trophy (usable for /hat)
Custom water tools/weapons
Custom Projectiles
Custom items for crafting like scales etc.
Emissive texture

Mob special behaviours and abilities:

She will be dancing when she is above the water.
She can give her self a Water Shield which absorb damage
Undine can send a Tidal Wave which takes everyone with it
Undine can cast a spell of Ice which will freeze anyone close to it
Her primary attack is water ball
She can drop water core

Naga Myrmidon:
Myrmidon is a very good swimmer under the water
He has strong AOE water whirlpool
Myrmidon can also strike with his glaive in slash style, which throws away a target
Myrmidon can cast thorn aura which will deal a damage to a damager
Myrmidon will cast a stun wave around himself in AOE
Can drop two types of naga scales and his glaive

Naga Spellsinger:
Naga will sing if target is closer to her and that will make target completely
If target is far Naga will throw her spear
If Naga can not keep up with the target she can cast her net and catch the target with
Naga can create her own illusions which deal 1 damage through the armor
She can drop two types of naga scales and her spear

Sea Serpent:
Sea Serpent has its own unique sonar for scanning his surroundings
Sea Serpent can cause a fear to everyone arounds him
He will use different bites and animation depending on target position
Sea Serpent can also start spitting massive stream of water which decimates any
armour or shields
If the targets are many or is not close enough Serpent will start making a whirlpool
and pulling everything into it
He may also rip apart a target which is in front of him with an ability rapture
He may drop his head which can be used as trophy or with /hat and serpent scales
All models have Emissive texture so they will be glowing in the night or water
Extra Items which are in the pack:
Amount of Tools/Weapons: 6
Amount of Crafting Items: 5
Amount of Custom Projectiles: 7

1. Unique movement patterns
2. Easy drag and drop
3. Clever AI behaviour and advanced mechanics
4. Bosses that can be fought in water
5. Its own looting system
6. Challenge for your players
7. Frequent updates and additions

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