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Christmas Spirit Pack! | Boss Fights, Armor and Toolset (ItemsAdder/Oraxen Config)

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Christmas Spirit Item Set with ItemsAdder and Oraxen Config Drag and Drop!

  • Christmas Axe🎅

  • Christmas Sword🎅

  • Christmas Shield🎅

  • Christmas Bow🎅

  • Christmas Pickaxe🎅

  • Christmas Hoe🎅

  • Christmas Shovel🎅

  • Christmas Armor and Armor Icon Set🎅

Santa Boss 🎅

  • 21 Animations!

  • 14 Different Attack Skills!

  • Sleigh Mount

Sleigh Mount Video: 

Yeti Boss

  • 8 Animations!

  • 5 Different Attack Skills!



Full Pack – Everything mentioned above 🎅

Items Pack – Armor / Tool models 🎅

Santa Boss Fight Pack – Boss fight with the Santa and Sleigh!🎅

Yeti Boss Fight Pack – Boss fight with the Yeti ❄️


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