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Winter Pack

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Gear up for the cold with a cute scarf, or bundle up inside of a giant gift box. Whatever you choose you will be sure to be doing it in style with these items!

MCCosmetics, MCPets, MythicMobs configs included

This pack includes:

  1. Snowmobile Mount (MCPets – 4 Color variations)

  2. Blizzard Sword (Animated texture)

  3. Candycane Pickaxe (Animated lights texture)

  4. Snowflake Shield

  5. Snowshovel

  6. Fur Cap (2 Color variations)

  7. Winter Scarf (2 Color variations)

  8. Gift Box Backpack (2 Color variations)

  9. Gift Box Decoration (Closed lid)

  10. Snowflake Sunglasses

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