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Discord Wumpus Pack Full

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New 6 Wumpus Equipment comes with 3 ModelEngine and 1 Example of GUI

  • ModelEngine Wumpus Original (7 animations) # mythicmob file

  • ModelEngine Wumpus with Wings on (5 animations) # mythicmob file

  • ModelEngine Wumpus Wheel (4 animations) # mythicmob file

  • GUI Discord (Deluxemenus example)

  • ItemsAdder Wumpus Armor Full Set (without Helmet)

  • Cosmetic Wumpus Helmet (Head)

  • Cosmetic Wumpus Neon Hand (Hand)

  • Cosmetic Wumpus Sword (Hand)

  • Cosmetic Wumpus Wheel (Balloon)

  • Cosmetic Wumpus Jetpack (Bag)

  • Cosmetic Wumpus Wings (Bag)

Comes with:

  • ItemsAdder config

  • Oraxen config

  • ModelEngine file

  • Mythicmob file

  • Blockbench files

  • Raw model and texture files

Additional details

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