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Variety Guns

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This pack includes 21 firearm models. You can use them as custom models for crossbows or implement them as guns with a gun plugin.

Max 20 elements per item, for high FPS and a performance friendly experience.

The models are included as Crossbows for the Resourcepack, Oraxen and Itemsadder. Guns are only implemented using Mythic Crucible!


Included Items:

  • Pistol

  • Triple Barrel Pistol

  • Multi Barrel Pistol

  • Revolver

  • Rifle

  • Rifle with Bayonet

  • Epic Rifle

  • Magic Rifle

  • Alchemy Rifle

  • Double Barrel Shotgun

  • Triple Barrel Shotgun

  • Sniper Rifle

  • Epic Sniper Rifle

  • Handcannon


  • Vanilla resource pack using custom model data. (Crossbows)

  • Mythic Crucible configs. (Gun Implementation)

Itemsadder & Oraxen configs are not included, we do not offer support with Itemsadder & Oraxen configurations!!!

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