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This pack includes:

Basket, Bone Pile, Bone, Book Pile 2, Coffee Tray, Coins, Eating Set, Flower 1, Flower 2, Flower 3, Fruit Basket, Glass Cup, Glass Cups, Glass Jar, Glass Jars, Money, Organized Books, Organized Log Pile, Picture Frame, Piggy Bank, Plate Pile, Plate, Scroll, Scrolls, Study Mess, Trophy, Wooden Bucket (water), Wooden Bucket (empty), BONUS Coin Block (no configuration included, only PNG files)

+ 7 Dyeable Items:

Bottle, Bottles, Closed Book, Open Book, Spilled Bottle, Vase 1, Vase 2.

This pack also includes:

  • Oraxen Configuration

  • MythicItems/Crucible Configuration

  • Resource Pack

  • BBModel Files

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