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Animal Expansion: Jungle Edition [v1.1]

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[Version 1.1] – The Banana Update

  • Fixed bugs

  • Adjusted walking speed to match the mob animations

  • Adjusted RandomSpawns spawn rate

  • Added bananas

  • Monkeys now throw bananas toward random nearby entities in swinging mode

  • Pet monkeys throw bananas toward their owner too – but instead of giving damage, the banana drops on the ground so that the owner can pick it up

  • Bananas can be used to right-click on monkeys – consuming 1 banana and healing them

Make your jungle more lively with 8 jungle animals included in this pack! All of the animals have different behaviors and can even be your pet, some of them are mountable!

A RandomSpawns config is included as well: You can hear and see the jungle animals as soon as you enter the jungle biome.

This pack contains:

  • Lizard (3 variations: Green, Red, and Blue): 4 animations, 2 behaviors

  • Monkey: 10 animations, 3 behaviors

  • Toucan: 6 animations, 2 behaviors

  • Black Panther: 11 animations, 3 behaviors

  • Jaguar: 11 animations, 3 behaviors

  • Tiger: 11 animations, 3 behaviors

  • Python: 4 animations, 2 behaviors

  • Hippo: 7 animations, 3 behaviors

  • Animated name tags

  • 16 custom sound effects

  • MC Pets config

  • RandomSpawns config

  • Instruction on how to install the files

  • Resource pack included

Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs

Tested on version 1.18.2, ModelEngine (r2.5.1), MythicMobs (5.1.0), MC Pets (r1.0.4), Resource pack included

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