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Plants Furniture Set

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A room without plants feels incomplete!

Now add a bit of greenery.


This set includes 19 unique plant furniture models + ready to go ItemsAdder configuration.

  • Bowhemp Plant

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

  • Ficus Tree

  • Bonsai Tree

  • Monstera Plant

  • Sago Palm

  • Cactus

  • Fir Tree

  • Hanging Pothos Plant (Ceiling Furniture)

  • Hanging Daisy Plant (Ceiling Furniture)

  • Small Fir Tree

  • Flowering Wall Vines (Wall Furniture)

  • 3×1 blocks Violet Planter Box

  • 3×1 blocks Tulip Planter Box

  • Small Tulip Plant

  • Small Aralia Plant

  • Small Violet Plant

  • Violet Planter Box Small

  • Tulip Planter Box Small

  • ItemsAdder configuration (ready to use with simple drag and drop)

  • Installation guide for beginners

  • Raw files (.png, .json, .bbmodel)

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