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Item Tags & Rarity Tiers

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This set includes 19 unique tags and rarity tiers as seen on Fortnite, Borderlands, The Division, Dota 2 and almost all our other favourite games. With the included easy to use ItemsAdder drag and drop configuration you spare the pain of configuring the tags yourself.

  • “ITEM” Tag

  • “FOOD” Tag

  • “BLOCK” Tag

  • “CURRENCY” Tag

  • “COSMETIC” Tag

  • “WEAPON” Tag

  • “ARMOR” Tag


  • “TOOL” Tag

  • “HAT” Tag

  • “OTHER” Tag

  • “COMMON” Tag

  • “UNCOMMON” Tag

  • “RARE” Tag

  • “EPIC” Tag


  • “MYTHIC” Tag

  • “EXOTIC” Tag

  • “ARTIFACT” Tag

  • ItemsAdder configuration (ready to use with simple drag and drop)

  • Installation guide for beginners

  • Tutorial on how to set up example Item tooltips (like in the picture)

  • Commands & Codes.png

  • Raw files (.png)

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