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Godrius, the Armed Beast

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Meet the weaponized beast, Godrius. Phase 1, Godrius fights against you without his axe. When his health drops down to 50%, phase 2 begins as he summons his axe, wielding it with his jaws. With stronger damage and harder skill patterns, fighting it won’t be that easy!

This pack contains:

  • Godrius (Boss): 12 animations + 3 modeled & animated skills. Comes with a total of 10 skills and 2 phases.

  • Godrius (Pet): Animated mount point, making it look smoother.

  • Weaponized Godrius (Pet)

  • Godrius’ Axe (Item)

  • 9 custom sound effects

  • Resource pack included


  Phase 1:

  • Slash

  • Explosive Slash

  • Leap Slash

  • Axe Smash

  • Axe Throw

  Phase 2:

  • Axe Attack

  • Explosive Axe Attack

  • Axe Spin

  • Call Weaponry

  • Axe Hurl

Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MC Pets

Tested on version 1.17.1, ModelEngine (r2.3.1), MythicMobs (4.13.1), McPets (r1.0.0), Resource pack included

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