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Ultimate Fishing Rods (25-Pack)

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Introducing Purple Anvil‘s 1st pack! This pack is full of color & character. You can now go fishing while admiring your new rod and reel!

What’s Included:

– 12 Colored Rods –

Blue, Light Blue, Brown, Cyan, Gray, Green, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

– 4 Special Rods –

Bobber Launcher, Musket Rod, Vintage Bamboo Rod, Vintage Sugar Cane Rod

– 9 Vanilla Item Rods –

Spruce Rod, Iron Rod, Gold Rod, Emerald Rod, Diamond Rod, Netherite Rod, Bamboo Rod, Sugar Cane Rod, Stick Rod,

(Side Note): They look even better when enchanted🎣✨

How to get the items:

While using this resource pack, type: /give <player name> minecraft:fishing_rod{CustomModelData:<custom_model_data value>}

Custom Model Data Numbers In This Pack:


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