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Wasteland Pack Vol.2: Tribe of the No Man's Land

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The Badland region wasn’t called ‘the No Man’s Land’ for no reason. In the deepest valley stands a tribe that thrived despite the harshest of environment, led by none other than the infamous Shaman. The Shaman who specialized in voodoo and totemic magic, along with their trusted Warden, shall wipe out whoever foolish enough to stumble upon their territory.

Package includes:

🔹  Warden, the Cruel Overseer

🔹  Tribal Shaman, Chief of the Tribe

🔹  Obidient Tribal Minions

🔹  Ravenous Voodoo Bugs

🔹  3 Variants of totems 

🔹  2 Modeled projectiles

🔹  A very tribal Tribal Barrel, who would have thought?

🔸  Customization guide

🔸  Quality support service

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