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From The Shadows Boss #1

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Shadow Sorcerer

Introducing the Boss from the From The Shadows pack, a meticulously designed boss to be both dodgeable and blockable.

All of its attacks can be avoided if you pay attention.

This boss has 3 phases, each more challenging than the previous one. To defeat it, you must get rid of its host to reveal the true nature of your enemy. Once revealed, you'll have to attack it when its eye is exposed. During its attacks, it will be invulnerable unless the eye is exposed.

This boss features over 20 animations and attacks, visual effects, and mobs to assist it in battle.

An immersive experience at your disposal. You can also acquire it along with the enemies from the same pack to enhance the experience and make use of its unique mechanics.

For emisive Textures to work, optifine must be installed.

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