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Nog's Figures [Vol 1]

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Time to get collecting!

The perfect collectible for your server, with 10 unboxable EULA friendly collectible figures.

Easy drag & drop installation for MythicCrucible, Oraxen and ItemsAdder, with pre-made resource pack included.


  • Chicken Figure [#1]

  • Cow Figure [#2]

  • Goat Figure [#3]

  • Mooshroom Figure [#4]

  • Pig Figure [#5]

  • Sheep Figure [#6]

  • Skeleton Figure [#7]

  • Steve Figure [#8]

  • Villager Figure [#9]

  • Zombie Figure [#10]


Head on over to a crafting table to take your figures out of the box and display them in all their glory.

Pre-made shapeless recipes config included for both MythicCrucible and Oraxen.

The ItemsAdder config does not use crafting recipes to unbox, you'll have to shift left click to while holding to box or unbox the figures.

Customizable Logo

Easily change the logo on the back of each figure to something fitting your server. Simply change one texture to your liking, and it'll apply to every figure!

There's currently no extra logos included in the pack.

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