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DinoWorld Jungle Battle Mounts Extension

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Jungle from 2:02

This pack won't work without DinoWorld Jungle pack

General info:

Egg hatching system:

  • every dinosaur that spawns with a baby has chance to spawn nest too

  • there is 50% chance of successfully obtaining egg by right-clicking on nest (can be configurated)

  • dinos will attack if you steal an egg so run fast

  • eggs need to be hatched in 6-8 light levels (can be configurated)

  • a baby will hatch from egg and needs to be fed straightaway so make sure you have enough

  • carnivores eat any meat including dinosaur meat or porkchop

  • herbivores eat any vegetable

  • the bigger dinosaur, the more they eat to grow up

  • baby drops summoning medallion when fed enough

Pet mechanics:

  • Summon dino via medallion, you throw a "dinoball" so you can summon them at a distance

  • Recall dino by shift+right clicking on dino with medallion when he is out of combat (prevents cheating)

  • Each dino has stamina which depletes overtime by movement and attack, if dropped to 0 they will start getting damaged

  • Stamina regenerates overtime and drains food from dino

  • Any dino can apply different levels of bleeding effect

  • Carnivores can be handfed meat or stand above corpse and they will eat themselves

  • Herbivores can be handfed vegetables or eat themselves when standing still

  • If your dinosaur dies, medallion loses charge and you won't be able to summon your dino

  • Recharge dino medallion by getting the necessary materials

  • You can give your dinos target by left clicking on it when mounted or dismounted (works on distance too)

  • Cancel the order by left clicking on the ground or air elsewhere (clear friendly fire)

Jungle dinosaurs:


  • for 2 players

  • has regular tail attack for close range enemies

  • changes to defensive stance when attacked or target nearby


  • for 2 players

  • has regular attack for close range enemies

  • lunges at distant enemies

  • roar which makes dinos flee and stuns players


  • for 5 players

  • stomps at enemies under him

  • quite slow but alot of HP


  • for 1 player

  • deadly herbivore

  • has claw attack

  • bite attack

  • roars to stun players and scare dinos


  • for 2 players

  • regular attack

  • lunges at enemies

  • fights other carnos for dominance


  • for 2 player

  • flying

  • flies where you look, doesnt go backwards

  • if you look down, he will dive

  • if you dive close to small and medium dinosaur or player, he will pick them up and damage and drop down

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