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Nog's Grizzlies

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No, you can NOT pet that dog.

These forbidden dogs are a great addition to any server, either as a cosmetic reward or as a new wild animal!

Easy drag & drop installation for ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MCPets, MythicCrucible and HMCCosmetics! (+ Random spawns, bonus cosmetic, loot and plushie!)


  • Adult Grizzly Bear [7 Bones | 4 Animations | 1 Attack]

    • Spawns naturally in birch forest biomes, a fun addition to an underwhelming biome.

    • Will attack players that get too close - if it's brown lay down!

    • Drops bonus grizzly bear pelt loot when killed.

  • Baby Grizzly Bear [6 Bones | 4 Animations | 1 Interaction]

    • Friendly pet, loves when you pet them by interacting.


  • Grizzly Bear Hat

  • Grizzly Bear Plushie

  • Grizzly Bear Pelt Loot

  • 2x Grizzly Bear GUI Display Heads

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