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Medieval Furniture Megapack

Medieval Furniture Megapack

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Take your project to the next level with this massive pack of over 90 furniture pieces. Enjoy maximum customization with many pieces being dyeable/tintable. Includes all 3 packs from the Workshop Six Medieval Essentials product line with a nice $7.00 discount and merged plugin configurations for easy installation!

📦 Included Furniture Pieces:

  • Sofa (Dyeable)

  • Arm Chair (Dyeable)

  • Bunk Bed (Dyeable)

  • Double Bed (Dyeable)

  • Single Bed (Dyeable)

  • 4x Book Stacks

  • 1x Open Book

  • Candle Dish (Animated)

  • Coffee Table w/ Cloth (Dyeable)

  • Coffee Table

  • Fireplace (Animated)

  • Desk

  • Low Dresser

  • Tall Dresser

  • End Table

  • Standing Lamp (Dyeable)

  • Lamp (Dyeable)

  • Hanging Lamp (Dyeable)

  • Chair

  • Chair w/ Cushion (Dyeable)

  • Stool

  • Stool w/ Cushion (Dyeable)

  • 3x Pots (Dyeable)

  • Long Table

  • Small Table

  • Small Table w/ Cloth (Dyeable)

  • Large Log Pile

  • Large Overgrown Log Pile

  • 3x Small Log Piles

  • 2x Log Mushrooms

  • 2x Red Mushrooms

  • 2x Brown Mushrooms

  • 2x Orange Mushrooms

  • 2x Glowing Mushrooms

  • Ore Cluster (Dyeable)

  • Crystal (Dyeable)

  • 4x Rocks

  • 3x Pebbles

  • Clover Patch

  • Clover Flower Patch (Dyeable)

  • Plant

  • Cattails

🧰 Included Plugin Configurations:

  • Crucible

  • Oraxen

  • Itemsadder

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