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Nog's Sharks

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Duuuuh dun... duuuuh dun... DUN DUN!

They're actually pretty harmless, unless they attack, which is rarely. Either way, they're a great addition to your server, greatly enhance the lacking underwater biomes!

Easy drag & drop installation for ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MythicCrucible and HMCCosmetics! (+ Random spawns, bonus cosmetic, loot and plushie!)


  • Great White Shark [6 Bones | 4 Animations | 1 Attack]

    • Spawns naturally in the ocean.

    • They're incredibly strong, dealing heavy damage if they attack you.

    • Can sometimes swim just under the surface, with their fin sticking out... terrifying.

    • Drops shark teeth when killed, or more rarely, shark fins.

  • Hammerhead Shark [6 Bones | 4 Animations | 1 Attack]

    • Also spawns naturally in the ocean.

    • Slightly weaker and smaller than the great white, but still deadly.

    • Also drops the custom shark teeth and fin loot.

    • Still waiting for a dentist appointment.


  • Great White Shark Hat

  • Hammerhead Shark Hat

  • Great White Shark Plushie

  • Hammerhead Shark Plushie

  • Shark Fin Loot

  • Shark Tooth Loot

  • Great White Shark GUI Display Head

  • Hammerhead Shark GUI Display Head

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