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Horns Pack

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Adorn yourself with the essence of the wild. Our collection offers a spectrum of horns, each customizable to fit your unique style. Embrace the power and grace of nature's crown!

Two versions for the animal horns: one that is dyeable and one that comes in the original color and is non-dyeable

📦 Included:

  • Addax Horns

  • African Buffalo Horns

  • Bharal Horns

  • Markhor Horns

  • Mouflon Horns

  • Nubian Goat Horns

  • Sheep Horns

  • Water Buffalo Horns

  • Dyeable Addax Horns

  • Dyeable African Buffalo Horns

  • Dyeable Bharal Horns

  • Dyeable Markhor Horns

  • Dyeable Mouflon Horns

  • Dyeable Nubian Goat Horns

  • Dyeable Sheep Horns

  • Dyeable Water Buffalo Horns

📁 Files included:

  • 📦 ItemAdder (Drag and Drop)

  • 📦 Oraxen (Drag and Drop)

  • 📦 MagicCosmetics (Drag and Drop)

  • 📝 README File

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