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Atmospheric Survival, LifeSteal SMP Spawn 160x160

Product information



Spawn is good for Survival, LifeSteal, SMP, and Creative Server!

Version: 1.16 / 1.20+

When purchasing this map, you will receive:

A working schematic from version 1.16 to 1.20+

A working schematic (schem) from version 1.16 and above

A working world from version 1.18

The map has a size of approximately 160x160 and a height of 130.

The map is located at coordinates X0, Z0 (for the world)

Features on the map:


-3 spots for creates

-nether portal

-end portal

-npc stalls x2

-player podium x2

You can find a 3D preview and more screenshots of the map here:

3D Preview:

More images: https://imgur.com/a/rhsv5df

Remember to use the shift key while using the preview.

Additional details

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