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Icebound Pack [v1.1]

Product information



The Icebound Pack comes with 3 mobs and 1 boss.

The mobs and boss from this pack are all ice species with various behaviors and skills.


This pack contains:

  • Aurorafowl (Mob)

  • Cryonic Crab (Mob)

  • Permafrost Sentinel (Mob)

  • Arctic Colossus (Boss)

  • Ice Crystal (Skill VFX)

  • Instruction on how to install

  • Emissive textures for Optifine




  • Dash: Aurorafowls sometimes switch to running mode.

  • Peck: Aurorafowls peck you with their beaks.

  • Power Peck: Aurorafowls focuses energy, pecking you with their beaks and dealing high damage.

Cryonic Crab:

  • Dash: Cryonic Crabs sometimes switch to running mode.

  • Snap: Cryonic Crabs snap you with their claws.

  • Power Snap: Cryonic Crabs focuses energy, snapping you with their claws and dealing high damage.

Permafrost Sentinel:

  • Glacial Slash: Permafrost Sentinels slash you with their icicle.

  • Ice Cannon: Permafrost Sentinels gather glacial energy, firing a blast of ice, slowing you.

Arctic Colossus:

  • Phase 1 (Above 50% Health):

    • Headshot: The Arctic Colossus gains twice more damage when damaged on the head.

    • Freezing Sweep: The Arctic Colossus sweeps the surface, throwing you away.

    • Wild Stomp: When the Arctic Colossus gets damaged on its legs, it stomps the surface, knocking back and slowing nearby players.

    • Glacial Roar: The Arctic Colossus roars, sending out waves of freezing wind that knocks you back.

    • Arctic Fury: The Arctic Colossus opens its jaw and inhales the chilly air, pulling in all nearby players. You get damaged and frozen if you get pulled in too close.

    • Ice Age: The Arctic Colossus smashes the surface and pulls up ice crystals from the underground. The ice crystals damage, freeze, and knock you up when they come out from the ground. The ice crystals constantly heal The Arctic Colossus unless they are smashed. Two of the ice crystals are shiny ice crystals which heal the boss more, but gives damage to the boss when they are smashed.

    • Stun: The Arctic Colossus sometimes get stunned for 5 seconds.

  • Phase 2 (Below 50% Health):

    • Freezing Sweep: +Damage, +Airborne

    • Wild Stomp: +Damage, +Slow Duration

    • Glacial Roar: +Damage, +Knockback

    • Arctic Fury: +Damage

    • Ice Age: +Ice Crystals, +Damage


Dependencies: MythicMobs, ModelEngine

Tested on version 1.19.4, MythicMobs (5.3.5), ModelEngine (R3.1.8)

Tested on version 1.20.1, MythicMobs (5.4.1), ModelEngine (4.0.3)

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