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Steampunk Guns

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Included in the Steampunk Guns:

  • Fully functional weapons with reloading system and animations

  • Custom sound effects

  • Mythicmob configs

  • All ammunition boxes models

  • All bullet type models

Weapon features:

  • C4 explosive – placed on ground, timer can be set by right clicking, set off by shift+right click

  • Grenade – throw in ballistic trajectory by left click, aoe explosive

  • Smoke grenade – throw by left click, creates covering smoke screen

  • Grenade launcher – fast, shooting explosives

  • Rocket launcher – slow, shooting non-guided missiles, takes several seconds to aim

  • Machine gun – fast, large ammo magazine, not very accurate

  • Multibarrel revolver – fast, fires several shots at once

  • Scoped pistol – slow, single shot, extremely accurate

  • Classic revolver – fast, several shots as fast as you click

  • Shotgun – slow, deadly on close range, fires several buckshots at once

  • Sniper rifle – slow, accurate, can be fired from hip or more accurately from scope, right click to zoom, Q to fire from scope

  • (!there is a known mojang bug which prevents telescope icon to change texture, so yes the sniper looks like telescope until they fix it!)

  • Assault rifle – fast, large ammo magazine, not very accurate

  • All weapons are reloaded with shift+left click, you need to have correct ammo in inventory

  • All weapons are fired from hip via right click (see sniper rifle above for scope option)

Highly recommended plugin for this pack:

  • Creeper heal

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