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Nog's Pride Bears

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Be loud and proud!

Celebrate pride month with these adorable little bears! These loud and proud bears are a great addition to any server.

Easy drag & drop installation for ModelEngine, MythicMobs, and MCPets! (Independent pet files + pre-configured pet skins.)


  • Pride Bear [7 Bones | 5 Animations | 2 Interactions]

    • Waves their flag (in two different ways) with joy when interacted with.

    • Comes holding 14 different pride flags;

      • Agender

      • Aromantic

      • Asexual

      • Bisexual

      • Gay

      • Genderfluid

      • Genderqueer

      • Intersex

      • Lesbian

      • Non-binary

      • Pansexual

      • Progress Rainbow

      • Rainbow

      • Transgender

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