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Nog's Budgies

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I know what you’re thinking, and yes, they know how to dance.

Everyone needs a feathered friend. These little rascals are a great addition to any server, either as a cosmetic reward or as a new wild animal!

Easy drag & drop installation for ModelEngine, MythicMobs, and MCPets! (+ Pre-configured vanilla drops and random spawns.)


  • Budgie [7 Bones | 9 Animations | 3 Interaction]

    • Spawns naturally in plains and savanna biomes, they’re a friendly little companion.

    • Either dances, preens themselves… or bites you… when interacted with.

    • Drops budgie feathers when killed.

    • Comes in 10 different styles;

      • Blue Spangle

      • Cobalt

      • Gray

      • Green

      • Green Spangle

      • Light Green (Wild)

      • Olive

      • Sky Blue

      • White

      • Yellow


  • Budgie Hat

  • Budgie Plushie

  • Budgie Feather Loot

  • 10x Budgie GUI Display Heads

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