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Modern Way Of Life: Economy Cars Vol.1

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Included in the Modern way of life: Economy cars vol.1:

  • Carolla car model

  • All control keys models

  • Fire extinguisher

  • 3 types of repair kits

  • 3 types of fuel cans

  • Paint spray guns with 11 colors

  • Carolla car blueprint for summoning

  • Custom sound effects and music for radio

Driving system:

  • Brake is automatically on when spawning car

  • 4 gears, use speed or slow key to switch gear on threshold (every 10)

  • Drift in high speed by pressing S and moving your mouse

  • The higher the speed, the more fuel consumed, the higher damage on impact

  • Can collide with other cars, entities and blocks

  • Higher speed means higher chance to get into spin

  • Brake turns on upon collision

  • Car can catch fire when damaged and take damage over time

  • Open engine via engine key and put out fire with extinguisher

  • You cannot drive with open trunk or engine

Additional features:

  • 1 seat for driver and 3 for passengers

  • Open trunk with the trunk key and right click on it, it opens an ender chest

  • Use paint spray gun to change car color every time you summon it

  • Honk with a key or turn on a radio, blast 5 different songs for everyone

  • Refuel your car with fuel cans of different capacity

  • Repair your car with different sized kits while you are outside of car

  • Race or make destruction derby with your friends

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs

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