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Little Panda Weapons, Tools & Cosmetics Set

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Little Panda Weapons, Tools & Cosmetics Set

This Collection contains

– Sword
– Bows (3 Steps)
– Crossbows (4 Steps)
– Shields (2 Steps)
– Spear
– Staff
– Hammer
– Trident
(The materials for the sword items include Spear, Hammer, Scythe, Staff, and Trident.)

– Axe
– Hoe
– Pickaxe
– Shovel
– Fishing Rod (2 Steps)

– Armor (16x Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots)
– Panda Head 
(custom plugins or cosmetics plugins)
– Panda Hood (custom plugins or cosmetics plugins)

– Backpack 
(custom plugins or cosmetics plugins)
– Bamboo Backpack (custom plugins or cosmetics plugins)

– Chest (lantern block or custom plugins)
– Key (custom plugins)

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Oraxen Configuration
CosmeticsCore Configuration
MagicCosmetics Configuration

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