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A completely redesigned End awaits you!

25 Models total! (14 item models, 9 mob models, 2 skill models)

7 Completely new mobs with cool combat styles! (MythicMobs, ModelEngine supported)

New design for normal Enderman!

Huge map for players to explore and complete! (MythicDungeons supported)

14 Weapons each with unique skills! (MMOItems, ItemsAdder supported)

6 New materials to craft from! (MMOItems, ItemsAdder supported)

Big amount of custom cool sounds (and even epic music after the final boss fight c:)

Resource pack configured!

Easy to install

Fast and efficient support provided with the order <3


MythicMobs (Premium only)

MythicMobsExtension (needed for crit system to work with MMOItems)


MythicDungeons (for map only)

MMOItems (for Items only)

ItemsAdder (for Items only, can be ignored if you know how to do ResourcePacks)

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