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Void Dragon Boss Battle Mount

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The Void Dragon Boss comes with:
– boss and rideable battlemount versions
– configurable loot
– configurable damage and health
– summoning permission for mount via mcpets
– void armor and weapons set
– void dragon medaillon
– a trophy or hat dragon head decoration
– skill models usable as decorations (skull projectile)
– scales as crafting material
– emissive textures
– custom sounds and sfx
– all the quality and immersivity you expect from Elitecreatures

Void Dragon Battle mount version:
feeding system
has to be fed once a while, configurable (default every 10min)
feed with crouch+right click with soulsand, hunger indicator in chat
if not fed for too long, pet will die
pet interactions:
crouch+right click triggers either cuddle or playful animation
can be used as regular battle pet on ground without mounting
more natural flying system
recognizes take off and landing animations and timing
naturally changes altitude overtime and gets exhausted (can be switched off)
altitude cap
the mount won’t fly higher than a set cap (configurable, default 100 blocks)
displays message when reaching the cap and holds altitude
incredibly immersive mounted battle system
several different skills under one active command by using wand from mcpets
attacks targets in air and on ground given by active commands
PvP friendly as well
exhaustion mechanic
gets tired and loses altitude quickly until it lands, triggers cooldown on flight(can be
switched off)
full mcpets configuration
active commands: ascend, descend, fly attack, ground attack
has summoning cooldown (configurable, can be turned off completely)
Void armor, weapons and tools Included

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