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Frozen Beasts

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  • 4x Penguin Variations with Colored Headbands (7 Bones)

  • Penguin Summoner Item to spawn a pet (non MCPets)

  • MCPets Penguin Config

  • Ice Projectile VFX (For Ice Sentinel Boss)

  • Candy Cane Swords (blunt and sharp) + THROWABLE!

  • Yeti Boss Fight (18 Bones) A vanilla-esque, wintry boss fight to suit your needs. With a couple of melee and AOE attacks this yeti is perfect for a small miniboss against a handful of players, or a 50 player event if you buff the damage!

  • Ice Sentinel Fight (14 bones) Another creative and vanilla-esque fight, the ice sentinel wields (6 different included modeled) ice projectiles, and multiple ranged attacks for a guard miniboss that fits the theme of winter!

Note: Animation counts (<10) AND bone counts (<18) are kept low on the Mini-bosses to reflect a vanilla styled fight, with skill complexity to match.

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