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Holiday Essentials Set

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  • 3x Hair Variation ELF Models! (MCPets and MythicMobs configs for Elves)

  • Ridable ModelEngine Sled AND Toboggan!

  • Crafting Recipe for Sled and Toboggan if using Crucible!

  • Harvestable Flax Plant for String

  • Christmas Lights Furniture

  • 6 Colors of Christmas Ornaments

  • 3 Colors of Christmas Trains

  • 6 Colors of Christmas Teddy Bear

  • 4 Color Variations of Square Gift Boxes

  • 4 Color Variations of Rectangle Gift Boxes

  • Santas Workshop Sign [High Detail]

  • North Pole Sign Right

  • North Pole Sign Left

  • Warning Avalanche Sign

  • 2 Variants of Frozen Skeleton Furniture

  • Christmas Fishing Rod Rack

  • 2 Variants of Christmas Bones

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