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Halloween Pack

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This Halloween,  with spooky style! This collection of packs contains all the scary essentials your players will need. Bundle to save, or pick and choose!

  • An 8 piece tool/weapon set (Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Hoe, Fishing Rod, Shield, Sword, Bow)

  • 10 Cosmetic items (color variants for the Witch Hat and Spooky Wings included) including backpacks, hats, and a unique Summoning Circle ground cosmetic (requires ModelEngine – ver. 3.0 currently not supported by MCCosmetics)

  • Full Custom Armor set

  • 1 Spellbook Pet and 1 Witch Broom Mount (2 color variations)

Cosmetic pack includes MCCosmetic config files. Pet/Mount pack includes MythicMobs and MCPets config files.

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