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Classic Hotel Pack

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This pack includes:

  • Hotel Bar Counter (End, Left)

  • Hotel Bar Counter (End, Right)

  • Hotel Bar Counter (Middle)

  • Hotel Bar Counter (Turn)

  • Hotel Big Leaf Plant

  • Hotel Chandelier

  • Hotel Fern

  • Hotel Luggage Cart

  • Hotel Service Bell

  • Hotel Table

  • Hotel Vase

  • Hotel Key Storage

  • Hotel Key Storage (full)

  • Hotel Adorned Vase (dyeable)

  • Hotel Chair

  • Hotel China Cabinet

  • Hotel Hall Carpet (End)

  • Hotel Hall Carpet (Middle)

  • Hotel Hall Carpet (Stair)

  • Hotel Hall Carpet (Turn)

  • Hotel Luggage Cart (Full, dyeable)

  • Hotel Rope Pole (dyeable)

  • Hotel Roses (dyeable)

This pack also includes:

  • MythicItems/Crucible Config

  • Oraxen Config

  • Resource Pack

  • BBModel Files

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