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Itty Bits: Rubber Ducks

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This pack includes uniquely named and properly organized MythicMobs, MCPets, and ModelEngine (Blockbench) files for easy drag/drop installation!

Waddle waddle…

Itty Bits: Rubber Ducks are always up for an adventure! Designed to be cosmetic pets with 4 cutesy interactions, these 20 bite-sized followers let your players express themselves without impacting gameplay!

Included in this pack are (scroll down to view Sketchfab):

*All Pets have 2 Bones, and have the following animations: Base – Idle/Walk/Death | Interaction – Joy/Head_Spin/Sneeze/Feeding

  • 3DDuck

  • Astro Duck

  • Boater Duck

  • Bride Duck

  • Chef Duck

  • Construction Duck

  • Cowboy Duck

  • Daisy Duck

  • Disco Duck

  • Farmer Duck

  • Grandma Duck

  • Grandpa Duck

  • Miner Duck

  • Nerd Duck

  • Original Duck

  • Pirate Duck

  • Soldier Duck

  • Sunflower Duck

  • Top Hat Duck

  • Tuxedo Duck

These pets make for great long term challenge rewards, rare drops, monthly items, server donation rewards, or much more!

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