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House Pets Pack [v1.1]

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Add 9 cute domestic pets to your game!

Each of the pets has different behaviors and is interactable.

You can even feed your pets with the provided pet bowls and treats!


This pack contains:

  • Shih Tzu (Dog)

  • Bichon (Dog)

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Dog)

  • Persian Cat (Cat)

  • Brown Hamster (Hamster)

  • Grey Hamster (Hamster)

  • Goldfish (Fish)

  • Green Parakeet (Bird)

  • Blue Parakeet (Bird)

  • Dog Treat (Pet Food)

  • Dog Bowl (Pet Food)

  • Cat Bowl (Pet Food)

  • Hamster Bowl (Pet Food)

  • Animated name tags

  • MC Pets config

  • Pet head icons in MCPets pet menu

  • Resource pack included


Dog Interactions:

– Right-click (Day) : Sit

– Right-click (Night) : Sleep

– Right-click (With Dog Treat) : Hop / Give Hand

– Right-click (With Dog Bowl) : Eat

Cat Interactions:

– Right-click (Day) : Sit

– Right-click (Night) : Sleep

– Right-click (With Cat Bowl) : Eat

Hamster Interactions:

– Right-click : Sleep

– Right-click (With Hamster Bowl) : Eat

Parakeet Interactions:

– Right-click : Sleep  


Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs

Tested on version 1.18.2, ModelEngine (r2.5.1), MythicMobs (5.1.0), MC Pets (r1.0.4), Resource pack included

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