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E-magination creates the absolute top tier minecraft compatible game experiences. Top quality animations, original sound design, beautiful models and amazing game mechanics combine into explosive combat experiences, or sometimes wholesome furniture.

The Moonborn & Midnight Werewolves

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Released: Sep 6, 2021

This pack contains two amazing werewolf bosses ready to feast on the corpses of those who are not strong enough!

Amazing mechanics, custom sound, and high quality animations!

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The pack includes:

2 BbModel files for two entities

Mythicmobs complete configuration with modifiable damage (Modify the “Damage” stat on the mob Yml to scale all skills!)

20+ High quality animations

Easy to install Custom sounds!

Resource Pack (You can safely merge its ‘assets’ folder with your server resourcepack before or after installing Model Engine’s pack)

This pack contains animated textures & custom sounds, so please make sure to follow the installation instructions included in the file!

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