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E-magination creates the absolute top tier minecraft compatible game experiences. Top quality animations, original sound design, beautiful models and amazing game mechanics combine into explosive combat experiences, or sometimes wholesome furniture.

The Fallen Devastator | Supreme Boss

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Released: 1 Aug, 2022

The 2021 #1 best seller pack returns with one of the most stunning bossfights ever!

The fallen devastator, an incredibly fast and brutal magician-soldier, comes from the land of shadows to bring terror to our realms!

Designed with a very advanced AI and ornamented with gorgeous visual and sound effects, will change your definition of ModelEngine/MythicMobs content!


The Fallen Devastator (+50 animations?!)

MythicMobs Configurations (+4500 lines)

Visual Effects custom particles (Bbmodels)

– Statue form (Decoration)

– Axe item model (Bbmodel)

Available as a bundle:

GIRL POWER – Female 3d Remodel and voice SFX

– Fallen Bossarena

– Original Soundtrack: Forsaken by God

Requires ModelEngine AND MythicMobs PREMIUM
Compatible with ModelEngine 4 and ModelEngine 3 Legacy

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