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Redstone Engineer

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Introducing the Redstone Engineer, it seems that a pillager has taken to inventing machines to easily dispose of villagers. It appears that redstone harbors a greater power than was expected.

Prepare to face him; on his own, he's not very powerful, but he will use his intelligence and knowledge to quickly construct weaponry with which to defeat you without much trouble.

This pack includes, in addition to the Redstone Engineer:

  • Automaton: A simple yet efficient machine that will slowly pursue you to execute cuts with the blades of its arms.

  • Tesla Tower: A deadly machine that will not hesitate to use electricity against you. Be careful, as its attacks will cause very powerful shocks.

  • Redstone Drone: A small drone that will harass you with projectiles.

It's necessary to have Mythicmobs and ModelEngine4

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